Dr. Robbie

Dr. Robin Martinez-Williams (Dr. Robbie) joins Dockside Chiropractic from the Ocala-Gainesville area of Florida, where she worked as a rotating doctor in several offices. Dr. Robbie graduated from the Palmer School in Iowa in 1998 before practicing in both New York and New Jersey, where she additionally earned certification in MUA (manipulation under anesthesia), and gained a heightened passion for chiropractic when she witnessed the amazing results her patients experienced. Dr. Robbie considers herself upper cervical friendly, but is a full body chiropractor acknowledging that the entire body benefits from chiropractic support. She utilizes a variety of techniques including diversified, Thompson, activator, Grostic, and trigger point therapy.  


Dr. Robbie grew up in Bronx, New York. She enjoyed playing the piano, reading, and dancing to many genres of music. She spent summers in South Carolina visiting family. She currently lives with her spouse, Ana, and her five beloved pets – four cats and a turtle – and has two wonderful daughters, Shannon and Kaitlin. She is committed to her spirituality and consistently finds humor in common situations to lighten and brighten life. She continues to be an avid reader and still loves to dance. She is particularly known for her love of hats and her unique northeastern fashion style. We welcome Dr. Robbie to our local paradise and are honored to have her become part of your Dockside family!