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Welcome to Dockside Chiropractic!

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Dr. Kevin Poulston BS,DC
Next to Mama Jo's | Off of South Patrick Dr 
One of my missions here on Earth is to help make Brevard County one of the healthiest, happiest communities in all of Florida through Chiropractic.  


I truly believe in my heart that located within each and every one of us is a special gift- a special God given skill and purpose that was meant specifically for you and I. Oftentimes, things happen around us which tend to distract us from finding the purpose driven life that is in store for us…things like accidents, loss of a loved one, addiction, depression, illness and a multitude of other things.


Let’s face it, if we are expecting to go through life without any “hiccups” then we aren’t really being real with ourselves and consequently not really getting the most out of life. So what is the answer? You don’t wait for the engine in your car to blow up, then get an oil change. You don’t start saving for your child’s college fund once they turn 21, so don’t wait to be proactive with your health!!!


The simple truth is that our health is our most precious treasure and yet we take care of it the least. We all need a helping hand sometime! Come in and let’s remove the nerve interference from your nervous system through a spinal adjustment, so that your health is prepared for life’s many challenges. Let me help introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in the world.

Schedule your appointment today and let’s see how Chiropractic can positively change the direction of your life. Isn’t your health worth it?  Many blessings!!!